Special Events

Poetry in Motion: Translating Emily Dickinson’s Poetry into Dance11 July 7:00-8:00 pm Venue TBA.
Choreographer Adeline Chevrier-Bosseau, Université Clermont Auvergne, presents a showcase of the “Childhood” section of her project that translates all Dickinson’s poems into dance; the choreography aims to represent Dickinson’s prosody and stylistic idiosyncrasies. The live performance will be followed by a short Q&A in English, with Spanish translation.

Poetry Reading: Emily Dickinson in English and in Spanish Translation 12 July 8:00-9:00pm Venue TBA
A reading of Dickinson’s poems as translated into Spanish, featuring Antonio Rivero Taravillo (poet and translator); Rosa García Gutiérrez, Universidad de Huelva; María de los Ángeles Toda Iglesia (moderator), Universidad de Sevilla; and readers (TBA) who will render the poems in English.  Followed by a reception.

Open Reading of Translations of Dickinson’s Poetry 14 July 4:45-5:45pm 
Conference registrants may read 1 or 2 Dickinson poems that they have translated. Must register in advance, giving title/first line of poem in both English and the language of translation. If you want a specific person to read your chosen poem in English, please indicate the person’s name and that this person has agreed to read. If you do not name someone, we will assign a reader for the poem in English. Only registered conference participants may read their translations.  Go to Registration page to sign up for this event.

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