COVID Information 


Two people have reported COVID infections following the conference in Seville. Both people attended the Banquet and one attended the EDIS Board dinner.

COVID requirements and precautions for travel to Spain:  

               *Check with your institution to see if you need provostal or other approval to travel outside your home country

               *For US citizens, go to the US Embassy in Spain for general information about requirements for entering Spain: Summarized, visitors over 12 years old must show proof of vaccination OR have a recovery certificate OR a negative test result from within 72 hours (NAAT) or 24 hours (RAT) of departure to Spain. Additionally, at least 3 days before your date of travel, you should

1) fill out a health form (you can do this online through the Spain Travel Health Portal); this will enable you to

2) obtain a QR code

You will present the form and QR code (on your mobile or on paper) at boarding and at entry to Spain. For more specific information on the health form and obtaining your QR code, see

  • For citizens of other (non-EU) countries, please check your own country’s embassy site.

The link below contains answers to frequently asked questions.

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